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20.03.2018 by ChemBioSys

Workshop: Communicating Science

Communicating Science – How to make your research public


ChemBioSys at MiCom

Tuesday 20th of March 2018 17:30
at Seminar room 208, Carl Zeiss Str. 3


The media and politics often admonish scientists to communicate their research to a greater public, and take their "pedagogic" or societal mission more seriously. This leaves many researchers - especially of the STEM fields, with a famous dilemma: how is is possible to avoid loosing the scientific precision of your work while you try to explain it without too much technical language, to someone who has never heard of your topic before? How do you even make yourself understood? And how can this be interesting enough to write a newspaper article about it? This little workshop tries to dispel some myths and fears about science communication, gives a short insight into the different options scientists have today when they want to find an audience, and leaves enough time for individual questions and answers.

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