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19.10.2018 by ChemBioSys

NEWS: Sex or Food? Decision-making in single-cell organisms

ChemBioSys publication: Diatoms show complex behavior: They can select between the search for sex partners or nutrient sources.


press release (MPI-CE)


Pressemitteilung FSU

Sex oder Essen: Entscheidungsfindung bei Einzellern




Bondoc, K. G. V., Lembke, C., Lang, S. N., Germerodt, S., Schuster, S., Vyverman, W., Pohnert, G. (2018): Decision-making of the benthic diatom Seminavis robusta searching for inorganic nutrients and pheromones. The ISME Journal. DOI: 10.1038/s41396-018-0299-2

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