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07.07.2023 by ChemBioSys

NEWS: Bacterial signallers in the soil

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Streptomyces bacteria produce a group of signalling molecules that trigger a variety of processes

Bacteria of the genus Streptomyces produce chemical substances called arginoketides, to which many other microorganisms react: Bacteria form biofilms, algae join together to form aggregates, and fungi produce signalling substances that they would not otherwise produce triggering new responses from other organisms.


press release Leibniz-HKI: Bacterial signallers in the soil



Krespach MKC, Stroe MC, Netzker T, Rosin M, Zehner LM, Komor AJ, Beilmann JM, Krüger T, Scherlach K, Kniemeyer O, Schroeckh V, Hertweck C, Brakhage AA (2023) Streptomyces polyketides mediate bacteria–fungi interactions across soil environments. Nature Microbiology, doi: 10.1038/s41564-023-01382-2


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