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07.07.2023 by ChemBioSys

NEWS: A single molecule upsets symbiosis

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Some bacteria live endosymbiotically in fungi - as long as they produce a certain protein

A new study on the coexistence of bacteria and fungi shows that a mutually beneficial, functioning symbiosis can be very fragile.


press release Leibniz-HKI: A single Molecule upsets symbiosis



Richter I, Wein P, Uzum Z, Stanley CE, Krabbe J, Molloy EM, Moebius N, Stinear TP, Pidot SJ, Ferling J, Hillmann F, Hertweck C (2023) Transcription activator-like effector protects bacterial endosymbionts from entrapment within fungal hyphae. Current Biology,


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