Project Area Z/INF


Project Z02

Raman Based Analysis of Natural Products in Complex Biosystems

Raman based approaches allow the chemical imaging of metabolites in complex communities. Raman microscopy, resonance Raman (micro)spectroscopy, SERS and CARS microscopy will be provided to various A, B and C projects, for example: Raman and CARS spectroscopic imaging of macroalgae surfaces and tumor cells; Raman and CARS imaging of gut microbial communities of insects and their influence on the release of metal salts; Raman spectroscopic monitoring of biofilms, their interaction with antibiotics, of siderophores and their influence on microbial communities.

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Project INF

Information Infrastructure/ Pattern Recognition

This project has a dual role providing (i) an integrated web-based platform for sharing and exchange of data, models and expertise across the consortium and (ii) integrated analysis of data by mathematical modeling. Within INF, experimental data will be managed, stored and processed in standardized manner using the SYSMO-DB compatible data warehouse ( Analysis of ‘omics’ data through application of pattern recognition, machine learning, network inference methods will unveil new chemical entities and support the understanding of the roles of chemical mediators in structuring communities.

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